Hi-Lift Jack: Which Hi-Lift Jack Is The Best For You?

If you have the urge for venturing off road.  You probably could find some terrain that isn’t as tame as you thought it would be.  You just never know what you will face, straight up ahead, or around the next bend,.  Getting stuck in the sand, mud, a rut, or high centered.  From rescue to off road recovery.  The Hi-Lift Jack can sure come in handy.

Though, you are wondering, which Hi-Lift Jack is best for you?  So, in this article, my goal is  to help, hone you in, on the right Hi Lift.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the details.


Ok, first out of the gate is the…

Hi-Lift Jack Model Numbers

So what do the model numbers stand for?  Like, HL-605 or HL-484.

The first letters are the abbreviation for the model.

  • HL = Standard Hi-lift Jack (All-Cast and Cast/Steel share this)
  • XT = X-TREME Hi-Lift Jack
  • PAT = Patriot Hi-Lift Jack
  • UTV = UTV/Side X Side Hi-Lift Jack
  • FR = First Responder Hi-Lift Jack


Now the next two numbers to the right represent the height of the Hi-Lift jack standard bar. Just remember to think inches with these numbers.


  • 36 = 36 inches
  • 42 = 42 inches
  • 48 = 48 inches
  • 60 = 60 inches


Now for the last but not least number, is either a 4 or 5. This tells whether the jack is all-cast construction or cast and steel.


  • 4 for cast/steel model
  • 5 for all-cast construction


Now moving on to the…..


Hi-Lift Jack Capacities

All the Hi-Lift Jacks have a 4660lb rated load capacity up to 48”.  With a 7000lb tested load capacity, which is the weight the shear bolt breaks at.  They Also share the same max winching weight at 5000lbs.

The main difference when it comes to capacities is some models have a heavy-duty top clamp clevis. Rated to the capacity of the Hi-Lift for clamping.  Having a 4660lb max clamping force on the X-TREME, UTV/Side X Side, and First Responder jack.  Verses a 750lb clamping force on Cast/Steel, All-Cast and Patriot models.


Max Rated Load up to 48” is 4660lbs on





UTV/Side X Side,

First Responder


Max Rated Load from 48” to 60” is 2660lbs on





First Responder



Max winching weight 5000lbs





UTV/Side X Side


Max clamping force 750lbs





Max clamping force 4660lbs for


UTV/Side X Side,

First Responder Jack


Shear bolt breaks at 7000lbs on





UTV/Side X Side,

First Responder



What are all the different,

Hi-Lift Jack Sizes

There are several Hi-lift Jack heights available

  • 36”
  • 42”
  • 48”
  • 60”


A 36” or 42” is adequate for most UTV/Side x Side.

The 48” and 60” inch are going to be your best choice for most 4x4s (trucks and SUVs).

Ok, so

You might consider

A 48” model if storage space is limited and you just can’t fit the extra foot of length the 60” jack adds.  For example on the inside across the back part of the roll bar of a Jeep Wrangler TJ a 48” inch is about all your going fit.

Take out the tape measure and see if it will fit, where you want to mount it.  Keep in mind anything much more than 48″ jack if you mount it vertical on a rear bumper style mount it could be taller than the roof of your vehicle causing it to catch on branches and brush and stuff.

With all that being said a 48″ probably will be ok for most applications.  If, you need the taller jack.  Depending on your setup, you might have to mount it horizontal, on a roof rack or something.  To keep it from protruding the body of the vehicle.

Though the 60 inch will be the best choice.  If you have the room to store and mount it.  Or you have a lift kit installed on your vehicle. Having more suspension travel.  The extra jack height could come in handy not running out of stroke. Helping you get up and out or over an obstacle.

I also should add if you have a winch kit and need to use your Hi Lift as a winch.  The added length will give you that little extra pull before reseting your jack.  It’s always best to have the extra height and not need it.  Than not have it, and then need it.  If you know what I mean.


You might need a..

Little help to use your Hi-Lift

If you don’t have heavy duty steel bumpers.  Or rock sliders rated to support the weight of your vehicle.  You will need something to be able to use your Hi-Lift jack.  This is where a Lift-Mate helps.

The Lift-Mate is handy giving you the ability to hook a hold of a rim giving you a hand helping you out of a hole.  Also, if you have a lift kit installed on your vehicle having extra suspension travel. Connecting right to the rim will keep your suspension from dropping down.  When jacking up.


Be Prepared For Jack Repairs

Being prepared is always a good idea.  If your Hi Lift Jack would fail on the trail.  From weathered rusty sticking pins, to a sheer bolt failure.  Carrying a Fix-It-Kit, is good insurance to put you back in business.

Just keep in mind, you can always..

Enhance your Hi-Lift

Now, if you ever think your jack isn’t up to a task.  You might find some accessories to add to your Hi-Lift toolbox.  To help get the job done.


So, with all that out to the way.  The first jack up is the…

Cast/Steel Hi-Lift Jack

The Cast/Steel Hi-lift is the entry level Hi Lift model. Made of cast and high-strength stamped steel parts. If you really only going to use your jack every once in a while then this jack will probably do just fine. Comes in black and 4 different sizes


36” Cast/steel Hi-Lift Jack

42” Cast/steel Hi-Lift Jack

48” Cast/steel Hi-Lift Jack

60” Cast/steel Hi-Lift Jack



All-Cast Hi-Lift Jack

The lift capacity of the All-Cast Hi-Lift Jack is still the same as the cast/steel model.  So you don’t gain anything there.

The main upgrade to the All-Cast Hi-Lift.  Is that its made with all-cast components.  So it should have a longer service life.  Since cast is a bit harder than stamp steel.

So if you plan on using your jack a lot.  Also taking in consideration there is usually very little price difference between the two (All-Cast, Cast/Steel) jacks.  The All-Cast is the best choice


42” All Cast Hi-Lift Jack

48” All Cast Hi-Lift Jack

60” All Cast Hi-Lift Jack




Adding a unique look to the line up.  Sporting a charcoal metallic powder coated base, bar, and runner.

The top clamp-clevis, handle, and hardware.  Are gold zinc coated to help ensure the best rust resistance.  To keep your Hi Lift looking good for a while.

Though I’m sure over time.  With enough use and clanking it around.  Any paint or coating could get chipped or scratched causing some rust.  Having the added durability of powder coating is a nice touch to the finish.

The heavy duty X-TREME Top Clamp is stout.  Being able to winch, clamp and spread to the full capacity of the jack.  Designed to stay in one position straight up and down the jack bar. So you don’t have to flip it to the side like you do on the some of the other models.  When going from the winch to clamping position or vice versa.

The top clamp even has a chain slot.  For making quick easy chain length adjustments when using your using your Hi Lift as a winch.

Comes with a quick release pin.  For easy removal of the jack’s bottom base (foot) to add other accessories to the jack.

Comes in two different heights, 48” 60”.  Having an all-cast construction,  The X-TREME Hi-Lift is a definite top tier contender in the Hi-Lift line up


48” X-TREME Hi-Lift

60” X-TREME Hi-Lift




Patriot Edition Hi-Lift Jack

Sporting the red white and blue color theme.  It comes in 48 and 60 Inch heights.  This jack is basically just like an all-cast jack.  With some additional upgrades.

Has a blue powder coating.  With a white powder coated handle and zinc plated hardware.  Which should help protect the jack from rust.  Hopefully for a while.

Comes included with the red handle keeper.  Which is normally an additional purchase

Hi-Lift donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each one of these jacks.  To Hope for the Warriors.  A nonprofit providing assistance to veterans and their families.

If you want to support a good cause.  The red, white and blue Patriot Edition Hi-Lift is for you.


48” Patriot Edition Hi-Lift Jack

60” Patriot Edition Hi-Lift Jack



UTV/Side X Side Hi-Lift Jack

The UTV/Side by Side Jack is a cast/steel style jack.  Featuring the same weight rating as other Hi-Lift Jacks.  Includes the same clamp clevis found on the Hi-Lift X-TREME.  For winching, clamping, spreading.  This jack comes in 36” and 42” heights.

According to Hi-Lift website.  It weighs less than 30lbs. This will help keep the weight down on your UTV.  Plus it makes the jack easier to handle and maneuver.

Having a pin for the Jacks bottom base (foot).  For easy removal to add other attachments to the jack.



36” UTV/Side X Side Hi-Lift

42” UTV/Side X Side Hi-Lift




First Responder Jack Hi-Lift

The First Responder Jack, is probably not, the first Hi-Lift that comes to mind for four wheeling, but its part of the Hi Lift line up.  So I’ll throw it in the mix.  Maybe it will interest you.

Looks like it could be handy in some instances the one thing that really stands out besides the colors is the C channel style jack base plate that spins 360 degrees. Being able to position the jack where you want it. Locking in place with a pin.  The only down side I see is the larger base might get in the way depending on your mounting (storage) situation.  I suppose you could always remove it if it does.  Store it some where else. (just don’t miss place it).

Constructed of steel, cast iron and high strength aluminum

Has up to a 4660lb rated capacity for leveraging, winching, and lifting.

Available in 36” 48” 60” inch sizes has a heavy duty top clamp with chain slot like the X-TREME Hi-Lift jack.

Has glow in the dark (luminescent) reflective tape on it for seeing the jack at night or in a dark spot.

The jack comes with bright yellow powder coated main components, with fire red actuating piece.


36” First Responder Jack Hi-Lift

48” First Responder Jack Hi-Lift

60” First Responder Jack Hi-Lift