Hi-Lift Jack Accessories: To Enhance Your Hi-Lift Jack


Having a Hi-Lift with you when hitting the trails off road, can be a very valuable asset.  Helping jack you out of a jam.  Though with some added accessories you could enhance your Hi-Lift to a higher level of versatility.  So in this article I’m going to list some tools to help you with your Hi-Lift.

First lets start off with the,

Hi-Lift Jack Fix-It-Kit

The last thing you want, is to have a shear bolt break, or have your Hi-Lift jack fail on you out on the trail in the middle of know where.  Not have the parts with you to fix it.  When your counting on your jack to get you out of a bind.  So carrying a rebuild kit is a must.

The Hi-Lift Jack Fix-It-Kit comes with.  Two climbing pins, two climbing pin springs, two cross pins, one shear bolt and nut and one tube of jack lubricant.


Hi-Lift Jack Fix-It-Kit 


Eventually with enough use, or even vibration from your vehicle riding down the road.  Parts and pins could become worn on your jack.

Additionally if the Hi-Lift Jack is mounted to the outside of your vehicle.  Getting exposed to the harsh elements it will corrode (rust) up.  All of this can cause the pins to stick and the jack to not function properly or safely.

So its important to inspect your jack regularly.  Service and replace parts as needed.  Lube it down with some penetrating oil periodically to help prevent corrosion (rust).  So the pins and latches stay working smoothly and safely.  Making sure it is always ready to go when you need it.

Hi-Lift Off-Road Base

Nothing more frustrating than having your Hi-Lift sinking in soft ground.  When your trying to jack up you vehicle.  Having a wider base (adding more surface area) to put your Hi-Lift jack foot pad on would be very handy.  The Hi-Lift Off-Road base is a platform helping spread that weight out a bit.  Helping keep the jack from sinking as easy on soft terrain.


Hi-Lift Off-Road Base


The Hi-Lift Jack bottom base (foot) will fit loose in the recess of the Off Road Base.  The jack doesn’t attach to the base.  So make sure you use caution and always have the jack set safely, and properly. Knowing when to use it and when you don’t need to.

The off Road Base also has some teeth on one side of it.  You could use this to scratch some ground around where you are putting your jack base.  To help make a more level spot.

Safe Jack Universal Hi-Lift Stabilizer

Hi-Lift Jacks are a great tool but can have some drawbacks.  They can be very unstable when jacking up in certain situations.

Any device that can help add to the safety and stability of theses jacks.  Can be a great benefit.

Safe Jack makes a universal stabilizer for the Hi-Lift jack that the base locks in to.  Having cable supports that run from the base to the top of the jack bar.  For added stability


48” Hi-Lift Stabilizer is for the 48 inch Hi-Lift Jack

60” Hi-Lift Stabilizer is for the 60 inch Hi-Lift Jack


Hi-Lift Jack Lift-Mate

The Lift-Mate allows you to hook directly to the wheel to lift it off the ground.  To be able to back fill under the tire.  To get the wheel up and over the hump or out of the rut where you are stuck.

Sometimes jacking up on your vehicle bumper is not an option.  Due to the fact you don’t  have heavy duty steel bumpers. That are rated to handle the weight or your vehicle for one.

And two you have large tires and a lift kit installed on your vehicle, giving your suspension too much travel when you jack up the axle drops down.  Not having enough lift height on the jack so you are not gaining any ground.

This is where the Lift-Mate comes in handy.  Eliminating the suspension drop by hooking right to the rim.  All while helping keep your jack at a lower and safer lifting height on the jack bar.


Hi-Lift Lift-Mate


The Lift-Mate connects to the rim and then to the jack nose (pad) of the Hi-Lift jack.  Using a short v strap with rubber coated hooks.  That should fit most steel and aluminum rims.

The Lift-Mate has a 5000lbs rating being adequate for most 4×4 SUV vehicles.  To lift one wheel at a time like it was designed to.

Just always double check make sure those hooks fit your rims before you hit the trails.  Some of those aluminum rims can get a bit thick.  Or, the holes in the rims could be too small.


Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper

Made from polyurethane.  To keep the handle in a up right position for storage.  The clip that comes on the Hi-Lift jack is not adequate to hold the handle.  When mounted to your 4×4 riding down the trail or road.  It will rattle and or could come loose.  So it is going to be important to have one of these. They come in two colors red and black


Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper (Red)

Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper (Black)



 Enhance your Hi-Lift jack with the JackMate.  Made by Rescue 42 it replaces the top clamping device that comes on your Hi-Lift jack.  Adding more versatility to your Hi-Lift jack.

The JackMate is strong enough to handle the full capacity of a lift jack.  For spreading, winching or clamping up to 8000lbs.

  • Provides a 3/8 chain slot very nice to have when your using your hi-lift jack as a winch,  you can easily and quickly adjust the chain length depending on your situation.
  • The JackMate also helps keep your jack straight, in the line of pull when you are winching. The attachment points being inline with the jack nose, will help keep your jack from cocking under load when winching
  • A spike foot. (v notches) For biting into uneven ground, wood board, or log.  Where the factory flat foot base may slip.
  • The Diamond plate top is wider having more surface area than the factory clamp for better grip for clamping objects
  • Wire fence puller handy for use around the farm/ranch when doing fence work.  Or use it as bottle cap opener in off times.
  • Installs and attaches very easily with a quick release pin
  • Has a 1 inch hole to accommodate a D Ring or Bow shackle
  • The jack mate can be used on either end or in any position of the bar of the jack.  From top to bottom


Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit

The Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit will allow you to use your Hi-Lift jack as a winch.  Comes with all the basic brackets and attachments you need to get started.

This certainly isn’t going to be the fastest way by no means but it can get the job done. Being very useful in a variety of situations. Here are a few examples.

  • If you don’t have a 12v electric winch yet but you have a Hi-Lift jack, adding the ability to put it to good use if need be.
  • Or your stuck and the engine shut off for some reason.  Now you have no alternator charging voltage output going to the battery. So you cannot run a winch.
  • Or lets say the winch just up and quit on you. So it could be used as viable backup solution,
  • And or lets add one more. Winching from the side on an off camber recovery to stabilize your vehicle.


Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit


Every winching and recovery situation is very different.  You may have to add more gear like some different length chains, straps etc to your kit.  Depending on your individual needs.

Here is a list of,

What you should expect to see in the kit.
  • Two 3/8” bolts and nuts
  • One 5/16 bolt and nut
  • Quick release pin this replaces the cotter pin that holds the Hi-Lift jack base (foot) on
  • One ½ inch bolt and nut
  • 2inch nylon tree saver (protector) strap.  8 ft long to wrap around the tree  you are using as a winch anchor point. To help protect the tree from damage.
  • A winch tensioner attachment bracket
  • Winch jack attachment bracket
  • One 26 link 3/8” G40 chain
  • One 15 link 3/8” G40 chain
  • Two 3/8” grab hooks with clevis pin
  • One 5/8 D Ring Shackle,
  • A pair of Hi Lift gloves to protect your hands
  • And a Hi Lift Gear Bag to carrying all of the gear in.


Hi-Lift Bumper Lift

 The Hi-Lift Bumper Lift allows you to hook to curved steel bumper.  Allowing you to jack up a corner of your 4×4.  Where you would normally not be able to jack up, because of the bumpers rounded edge.

The Hi-Lift jack having a flat jack nose (pad) will not sit securely on the curved steel style bumper. Possibly slipping or kicking out.  Additionally the bumper could be damaged by crushing or denting the unsupported edge.

This is where the Bumper Lift attachment becomes a useful tool. The Bumper Lift, hooks to the bottom edge of the bumper.  With a hook, and with a small lead of chain.  Then connecting to the Hi-Lift jack nose (pad).


Hi-Lift  Bumper Lift


  • Put some padding (rubber, heavy cloth) between the chain of the Bumper Lift and the curved steel bumper.  To help protect it from getting scratched.
  • Make sure your curved steel bumper is strong enough.  If your bumper is to thin of gauge you could damage it by tweaking, denting or rolling the edge up.
  • Also make sure you have your jack positioned and set properly.

Hi-Lift Gear Box

The Hi-Lift Gear Box is a metal reinforced plastic box to keep some extra parts, accessories or recovery gear in.  Mounts right to the bar of your Hi-lift jack with bolts and wings nuts.


Hi-Lift Gear Box


  • The Gear Box is water resistant and should keep most dirt and weather elements off your gear.
  • Always Keep in mind it is Not waterproof, so don’t submarine it, or your gear could get wet.
  • You might not want to keep any of your off road precious metals (tools, ratchets, sockets etc.) in it.  Or anything that could possibly rust up.
  •  Designed so you can lock it to the bar of the Hi-Lift jack.  To secure your contents (lock not included).




Rock Slider Adapters

Do you have strong enough (heavy duty) rock sliders on your 4×4.  Rated to handle the weight of your vehicle? (Not for use with thin gauge cosmetic beauty bars).

Now lets say you have the right setup you could use a Hi-Lift jack. Problem is the flat nose (pad) on a Hi-Lift jack doesn’t fit securely on the round tube rock sliders.

It could slip or kick out.  So having an adaptor with a half round cut away.  Fitting securely cradling around the tube of the rock slider.   Giving it more surface area on the slider adding to a safer jacking experience



Lotus Development rock slider adaptor

Hi-Lift Jack Protector (Full cover)

The Hi-lift jack Protector helps protect your whole jack from the weather/elements. Made from heavy duty reinforced canvas.  Having a full length zipper for taking the jack in and out.  Also an extra zipper pocket for spare tools or parts.


JP-350 works with Hi-Lift jacks up to 48 inches

JP-360 works with 60 inch Hi-Lift jack


Hi-Lift 4XRAC

Mount the Hi-Lift jack to most flat surfaces of bumpers, racks, truck tool boxes.

Hi-Lift 4XRAC


  • Kit contains two mounting brackets
  • Two mounting caps
  • Velcro strap is for keeping the jack handle in place.
  • All the mounting hardware comes with the kit. 


Mounts any model Hi-Lift jack in a truck bed vertical or horizontal positions. Has a lock and key.



  • Comes with two mounting brackets a padlock and all necessary mounting hardware.


Hi-Lift Tube Mount

If you cant find a flat spot to mount your Hi-Lift jack or in need a different mounting option.

The Hi-Lift Tube Mount can help you out.  Being able to mount your jack to round or square tube roof racks, roll cages, bumpers and bull bars. Keeping easy access to your jack.

Its made from 6061-T6 structural aluminum and with stainless steel hardware.

The TM-700 is made to fit tube 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Which should be a suitable size to attach to many different kinds of roof racks bumpers or roll cages.  Allowing you to mount your Hi lift jack.  To the roll cage, bumper and bar work of your UTV or ATV.  For convenient easy access.

For the TM-750 its made to fit a 2 to 3 inch diameter tube.  Should be adequate to fit most 4×4 roll cages and bull bar setups.


TM-700 Hi-Lift Tube Mount


TM-750 Hi-Lift Tube Mount



Hi-Lift Hood Mount for Jeep Wrangler

 Mount your Hi-Lift Jack where it is quick and easy to reach. If you have a JK, TJ, YJ or CJ Jeep Wrangler. Mounts right to the hood hinge bolt holes. Made from 6061-T6 structural anodized aluminum


JK HM-800 Jeep Wrangler Hood Mount

TJ HM-825 Jeep Wrangler Hood Mount

YJ/CJ HM-850 Jeep Wrangler Hood Mount


Hi-Lift Roll Cage Mount (Jeep JK)

This mount is designed to mount a Hi-Lift jack horizontally across the factory roll cage.  In the back on the inside of a Jeep Wrangler Jk.  No drilling required. Made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum


 Jeep JK Hi-Lift Roll Cage Mount